this girl

so my dog doesnt like to sleep in the bed with me. ive wanted her to be a cuddle pup but she just...


so while ive just set this page up and was doing nerd shit for a few hours making some hacky ways to set up multiple domains inside swag with separate certs my beautiful pup was laying next to me the whole time. now this is pretty late for us, we usually wake up around 4am and go on our morning walk.

i heard her over near the bed, she jumped up and she began digging at the covers.

this is odd, she never does this. so i sit and watch her. she eventually makes it through the multiple layers of warmth. comforter first, then the second, then the thick blanket, and now the sheet.

she looks back at me, with a side eye over the shoulder. she then hrumphs down with a sigh and disappears behind the mound of textiles.

i go over and lay next to her, with a soft big spoon approach hoping she stays and cuddles.

she proceeds to get up, and waddle off to her crate which is where she normally prefers to sleep. her job is now complete. im now in bed and can stop bugging her in her crate room.

her herding me into the bed with the temptation of cuddles displays exemplary skills at herding which with her complete lack of training is quite an impressive feat.