bookstack docker tweaks

bookstack is cool. nice little alternative to atlassian's confluence. here are some notes i made while setting it up that i found helpful

bookstack is cool. nice little alternative to atlassian's confluence, especially with atlassian doing silly shit like forcing a move to their cloud and charging exorbitant amounts for using a "data center" version.

while setting bookstack up ive come across a few key points that i missed in their documentation which makes things work much better. i used the docker image with a separate database container.

500 on image uploads

i was getting 500 errors when i was trying to upload images. this was helped by changing a value in this file, located wherever you have your config folder mount bound to on the docker host, for me its here in /opt/bookstack/config
the values i have in this file bumped up some of the limits set for php

upload_max_filesize = 1000M
post_max_size = 1000M
memory_limit = 2048M

after this was set i restarted the container and then i had to fix a problem. i was getting the bouncing three progress dots on the image upload page. to fix this you have to go into the settings > maintenance > then under the clean up images section be sure to check the box for remove unused images. after this you should be able to see the image upload section load properly.

i also set the following values in my nginx conf for my bookstack definition. note this is my main proxy not the nginx inside the bookstack container

   client_max_body_size 1000m;
   client_body_timeout 120s;

404 on dist objects like .app and .css files

im still working on this one but seems to be something with how i have nginx in front of the LSIO container for bookstack, which is also running nginx.