resizing proxmox root storage

i was running out of space on my proxmox host, did some research and ran these commands

somehow i installed proxmox with only 6gb allocated to the root drive. after about 6 months of use i started running out of space. after looking at some output from fdisk -l, lvm, vgs, lsblk i found that i allocated around 12gb to another partition that i wasnt even using. luckily they were in the same volume group so just needed to remove it, and expand the space

Before this is done you should make sure you actually dont have anything on the data storage. for me i didnt use that location for anything as i had images stored in another array of disks

  • Remove the storage from the Proxmox UI
    • This is done from the cluster top level under Sorage
  • Remove the storage from the disk
    • lvremove /dev/pve/data
  • Expand the root
    • lvresize -l +100%FREE /dev/pve/root
  • Resize the volume group
    • resize2fs /dev/mapper/pve-root