posts in ghost cms

trying to learn how ghost works. sure they have a lot of documentation but im a child with coding this web stuff. templates with handlebars is fun though.

I was trying to copy and paste some basic java to have some tabs on a page. one tab would lad data but the other just wouldnt show the content. the content that i was trying to show were the posts, and the way ghost does that is though a loop defined where you want the posts to show with {{#foreach posts}}.

when the page was loaded it just didnt show anything under the tab where the posts were. I didnt even see the div in dev tools. after a good bit of time reading i found a way to make a request for posts with {{#get posts}}. i was able to pull in posts by surrounding the whole thing with the get request, but it pulled in everything... with the filter i was able to specify which posts i actually wanted. after that magic happened.

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